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Business English

One-to-One course designed for your professional needs in English

from £1745 per week ​​​

(including tuition and full board accommodation)​

Here is an example week of your One-to-One Business English course.


Choose this one-to-one course if you need English for your work and you are ambitious in your career. We will tailor your course to your specific requirements. You might want to focus on some or all of the following areas:

• Grammar (irregular verbs, correct use of tenses, phrasal verbs, etc.)
• Speaking (small chat, telephone practice, negotiation, presenting, etc.)
• Reading (news, proposals, contracts, various business documentation in English, etc.)
• Writing (proposals, emails, presentations, etc.)

• Listening (small talk, business presentations, travel arrangements, etc.)

We will organise situations where you will meet English professionals so that you can engage them in conversation. These will include friends of your host family, your teacher's friends or simply friends of Bath in English. You will have many opportunities to interact and practise your English with various working, business people from numerous professional fields. This is the best speaking practice that you could ever get! There is also a rich activity and cultural programme which you can choose to include in your course.

We provide specific English language training for professionals from the following fields:


Accountancy, Architecture, Dentistry, Politics, Medicine, Economy, Engineering, Finance, Communications, Computer Science, Journalism, Law, Military, Science, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Social work, Software, Teaching and more.




    5% OFF

Business English
  • 1 Week Homestay

  • 15 Private Lessons

  • 15 Conversational English Sessions

  • Breakfast & Dinner daily

     Total £ 1650









 8.30                     09.00                   10.30                   11.00                    13.00                14.00                 16.00               20.00 

Please note that the information as well as all images in this example week table are for illustration purposes only.

All activities will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This is an EXAMPLE only.

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