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One-to-One English Language Lessons in Your English Host Family's Home

Our English language courses are individually designed according to your needs. Our qualified teachers all possess either a CELTA teaching qualification, a Master's UK university degree or both. They are very experienced and we work with them because we know how great they are! They care deeply about their students and dedicate 100% of their attention in One-to-One Lessons. 

One-to-one tuition is the fastest way to acquire a foreign language. You will notice how your English improves by the day as you are completely immersed in our culture. You will learn from the day-to-day vocabulary of your English host family, your English teacher and your Bath city guides. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing how your skills advance on a daily basis. Progress is fast!


Advance your career with our Business English One-to-One courses. We have designed them for your professional needs in English​.


​Choose this option if you need English for your work and you are serious about your career. You might want to focus on some or all of the following areas:

• Grammar (irregular verbs, correct use of tenses, phrasal verb formation, etc.)
• Speaking (small talk, telephone practice techniques, negotiation, presenting, etc.)
• Reading (news, proposals, contracts, various business documentation, etc.)

• Listening (small talk, business presentations, travel arrangements, etc.)

• Writing (proposals, emails, presentations, etc.)


Excel in further education or your professional career abroad with our tailored One-to-One Academic English courses.

Do you need to pass an English Language examination such as the Cambridge FCE, the CAE or IELTS?

Your course will be designed around your individual examination or university training requirements. Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in providing tuition for the challenges of academic preparation.



Just you and your teacher! Immerse yourself in English and become a confident speaker.

Do you want to gain confidence in speaking and understanding? This One-to-One course is designed for your everyday speaking and listening needs in English. 

Perhaps you want to improve your understanding, reading or writing. Or do you really want to focus on speaking clearly with an improved accent? We will adapt our course to meet your individual requirements. We will help you to completely immerse yourself in the English language.



Learn English, be immersed in the English culture, have fun and make new friends!

Our young learners aged 10 - 17 are supported by caring teachers who look after them at all times. They provide a stimulating learning environment inside the classroom and culturally enriching experiences outside of it.


Your host family will also take care of you in the way your own mum and dad would. They provide a home away from home for youngsters who stay with us. We greatly appreciate their help and appropriately reward their invaluable efforts to create a safe, homely environment for our students.

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