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Everyday English

One-to-One Everyday English course tailored to your needs

from £1445 per week ​​​

(including tuition and full board accommodation)​

Do you want to gain confidence in speaking and understanding English? This course is designed for your everyday needs in English. Perhaps you want to improve your understanding, reading or writing, or maybe speaking practice is what you really wish to focus on. We adapt our courses to meet your requirements. We will help you to experience the English language and we will surround you with it in a variety of ways. This can include:

  • Lessons based on everyday life situations (go to the cinema, ask for directions, watch TV programmes, etc.)
  • After-class activities and practical English lessons (get timetable and prices information about a sporting event or a concert, buy groceries, order     from a restaurant menu, etc.)
  • Speaking practice with friends of your host family and friends of Bath in English
  • Watch a TV programme, documentary or film in English with English subtitles and discuss it afterwards
  • Read a book and discuss it with your teacher and/or English host family afterwards

You can choose an intensive programme with
30 one-to-one lessons per week or a more relaxed option with 15 one-to-one lessons per week. We provide numerous opportunities for speaking and listening with all of our study programmes. You may wish to focus on one or all of these areas of study: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar or vocabulary. We tailor each lesson to your specific needs.


Here is an example week of your One-to-One Everyday English course.









 8.30                    09.00                   10.30                   11.00                   13.00                   14.00                   16.00                     20.00 

Please note that all information and images in this example week table are for illustration purposes only.

All activities are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This is an EXAMPLE only.

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