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Meet just some of our qualified and experienced English Language teachers
Mr Cohen

Favourite English word - ​cornucopia​ [ˌkɔːnjuˈkəʊpiə​] - noun​ - a large amount or supply of something - The table held a veritable cornucopia of every kind of food or drink you could want.


With over 30 years of teaching experience under his belt, Mr Cohen is a fantastic English teacher. He is particularly successful with young learners and academic English students due to his previous career in teaching.

Amongst other pursuits, he is a curriculum leader of English and a team leader of Expressive Arts. He is also employed by the Local Authority Advisory Service and he is an examiner for: KS3, GCSE English, English Literature and Drama, Advanced Level English Literature and Theatre Studies.

Like all of our English teachers who work with young learners, Mr. David holds a current DBS Certificate.

Miss Kate
Favourite English word - foible [ˈfɔɪbl​] - noun - a silly habit or a strange or weak aspect of a person's character, that is considered harmless by other people

Our beloved Miss Kate is a drama and ballet tutor as well as a fully qualified EFL teacher. With a CELTA qualification from City of Bath College and experience working in theatre, her skills put her in the spotlight as the most dramatic and expressive amongst us. Our young learners love her, but so do our Academic English students and those enrolled on our Everyday English courses.

When you get Miss Kate's undivided attention in your lessons, you will feel as if the theatre has come to your classroom and learning will soon turn into an enjoyable pastime. But don't worry, studying will be just as serious and fruitful! Her success rates with IELTS students and those preparing for UK universities is unrivalled.


Miss Ellen

Favourite English word – serendipity – [ ser.ənˈdɪp.ɪ.ti ] - noun – the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance – reading should be an adventure, a personal experience full of serendipitous surprises.

Miss Ellen has 8 years of TEFL experience teaching adults Business and Conversational English in a number of companies and educational institutes in Spain and France. She completed her CELTA qualification in 2002.


Since returning to the UK in 2012 she has been privately tutoring English as a foreign language to international students across the South West. She specialises in Business English and Everyday English.


Miss Ellen has completed a BA in Education Studies.

Image by Icons8 Team

Mrs Houghton

Favourite English word – discombobulate [ dɪs.kəmˌbɒb.jəˈleɪ.ʃən ] - verb – to confuse someone or make someone feel uncomfortable.

Mrs Houghton is a personable teacher who effortlessly builds a great rapport with her students. She specialises in teaching Academic English and also Business English, which she characterises with her creative and interactive lessons. CELTA certified in 2014 Mrs Houghton has 5 years of TEFL experience and has mastered her teaching skills to perfection.


She has taught in various countries in Europe, such as Germany, France and Spain. There she has worked with both young and adult learners at private language schools. She holds a BA in English and a Masters in Linguistics. Mrs Houghton previously taught at a renowned primary school in Somerset.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Mrs Richards

Favourite English word – incandescent - [ ɪn.kænˈdes.ənt ] - adjective – producing a bright light from a heated filament or other part - an incandescent lamp.

Mrs Richards began her TEFL career in 2000 when she gained her CELTA qualification. She started privately tutoring English to international students at their homestay accommodation for a number of language schools in Devon. She also tutored children and teenagers in writing and literary skills for general school purposes as well as for exams such as the 11+ and common entrance.


While working with us mrs Richards has gained significant experience preparing students for Cambridge (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE) and TOEFL exams. Mrs Richards holds a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Creative Writing. In her spare time she writes children's books.



Alison Profile Photo.jpg
Mrs Hedger

Favourite English word - demystify - /dɪ:ˈmɪstɪfaɪ/ - verb - make (a difficult subject) clearer and easier to understand - the teacher helps to demystify the English language for the student


Alison is a qualified EFL teacher with bags of experience in the business IT sector. She holds a Trinity TESOL Certification and a BSc Hons in Anthropology from the University College London. Her history in business and consulting means she can effortlessly employ her well-polished communicative approach in her interactions with our students. She has an unparalleled enthusiasm for teaching and is able to apply this exuberance into her lessons.


Alison speaks fluent French and is chairman of a Euroclub which organises monthly French Conversation evenings. Speak to her about France, but only in English! 

Mrs Drennan

Favourite English word - juxtapose - ˌ/dʒʌkstəˈpəʊz/  - verb -  place or deal opposites close together for contrasting effect - "black-and-white photos of streets were starkly juxtaposed with coloured flowers"


Worldly-wise Maria gained her CELTA qualification after teaching English as a Foreign Language in Spain where her love for travelling began. Having lived in different parts of the world with her family before settling in Bath, Maria understands first-hand the difficulties of learning languages and uses this knowledge to make her an exceptional English teacher. She has experience of group and individual tutoring and has also worked at various summer schools in Europe.

She has plenty of experience in the field of business, particularly in recruitment and customer service. This, coupled with her warm personality, allows Maria to build a wonderful rapport with both children and adults quickly.


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