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Terms and Conditions

Bath in English LTD is a private limited company based in Bath, UK and registered in the UK with Company No. 08399868. Bath in English LTD reserves the right to change any information on this website and/or booking engine without prior notice.

Course Fees Include:

• All study materials
• 1:1 tuition specifically tailored to your requirements (number of lessons as booked)
• Individual assessment at the start of the course
• Progress report and suggestions for improvement during future study
• Attendance certificate
• Quiet study space (in your host family’s home) 
• Accommodation on half board basis including breakfast and dinner (unless otherwise stated in your booking reservation form)
• Transfer from the local bus or train station.
• 24 hour support from Bath in English staff
• 24 hours Bath in English Guardian support for Young Learners

Additional services

Any additional services (transfers, travel, telephone costs, excursions, medical costs, special diet, exam fees and excursions plus entrance fees) are not included in any fees unless specifically booked and stated in an email from

Meals and lessons not used

No refunds or substitutions will be made for meals or classes missed due to exams, excursions or other circumstances that are not included in the booked course study programme.

Payment Of Fees

A non-refundable deposit payment equivalent to one week's course fees or £600 (whichever is bigger) is required at the time of booking to reserve a course. The remaining balance can be paid via bank transfer no later than the first day of your homestay period. 


Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties



If you cancel at any time prior to your course start date, you will only lose your deposit. If you cancel your course at any point throughout its duration, for any reason, other than reasons for which Bath in English LTD has taken full responsibility, you will lose 100% of your course fees paid up to date.

Travel and medical insurance

You must be in possession of valid Travel and medical insurance in your name during your entire stay with Bath in English. We can, if requested in the booking process, recommend a travel and medical insurance provider and plan. You remain responsible for your possessions if not covered by your travel insurance. You must provide proof of your medical insurance to a Bath in English LTD's representative when you arrive. You cannot start your course until you have done so.

Young Learners 

Should your child be in breach of any explicitly outlined rules of conduct at their host family’s home, we will try to resolve the issue by ensuring adequate communication between the two parties, with a translator if needed. If the issue cannot be resolved, Bath in English LTD reserves the right to terminate the course. In such circumstances, you will be financially responsible for your child’s return home.

You must provide us with information concerning any special education requirements or medical problems and conditions that your child may have. You must do so prior to their course start date. Bath in English LTD may need to make alternative homestay arrangements or your child may be requested to return home at your expense.

Visa information

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange all needed  travel permits or visas and to have a valid passport and leave to remain for the whole period of study in the UK

Health information

Prior to booking their course with Bath in English LTD, students must report any mental or physical conditions, allergies, disabilities that may have an impact on their stay in the UK and/or on their attendance or homestay arrangements. Any conditions that may impact the health and well-being of any host family, teacher or staff member or that may require treatment, supervision or emergency intervention during the student’s stay in Bath must be reported to Bath in English LTD prior to booking the course. If the student’s condition requires special accommodation, Bath in English LTD must be notified in advance.

Bath in English LTD reserves the right to terminate any student’s course if the above conditions are not met or if the student represents any health and safety threat to Bath in English LTD's staff, teachers, contractors and subcontractors of Bath in English LTD or any host families and their members.

Within reason, once assessed and determined by a Bath in English LTD representative, if the student’s mental or physical health impedes the completion of their study programme or represents a threat to Bath in English LTD's representatives in any way, Bath in English LTD reserves the right to terminate the student’s course. In such circumstance, refunds are at the discretion of Bath in English LTD.


Bath in English LTD will not be liable in cases where Bath in English is unable to fulfill any services to which they are contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are beyond Bath in English LTD’s control.

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